Boost sales output through remote training and timely performance updates
Ramp up new members, exceed targets, deliver results
Empower your field sales team with the right information delivered at the right time, on their mobiles.

Let your sales team focus on selling

New product training, FAQs, ready reckoners, so your team can focus on closing.

Track, measure, and share performance

Set up an easy Target v Achievement dashboard to nudge your team ahead.

Train remotely with rich and bite-size content

Cut down on the travel, logistics, and other allied training costs. Use images, videos, and text to enhance learning outcomes.

Nurture a community

Create a mini-Instagram for store teams to share their special in-store moments with everyone.

Publicly recognize their efforts

Reward milestones, encourage peer recognition, publicly thank them for their contribution, so they form a strong bond with the company.

Unlimited team size

Seamless deployment for teams of 50 or 500,000

Number based login

Reach everyone in your team, even if they don't have an email

SOS messaging

Go beyond simple notifications for important messages

Mobile LMS

Best in class mobile learning with mandatory flows and API based training

Content Services

Mobile-friendly animated videos with vernacular voice-overs


Award certificates to top performers on their learning journeys

Tasks and Checklists

Run audits and inspections, with proof of completion

Fault Reporting

No need to go through long reports, focus your attention where it's needed

Enterprise Grade Security

Data protection at every level

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